Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 2, Thing 3: Set up your own blog

This was pretty straightforward. I already had one from the Wikis & Blogs course, so I just modified some information.

Making the avatar was heaps of fun. One of the clothing options for the avatars was 'vampire gown' so I vaguely considered using that and making my blog the 'Bloodsucking Librarian' or something similar, but I thought that may scare some people.

Instead I have gone with the suitably geeky title of 'Cataloguer's Paradise'. Ahhh.

Week 1, Thing 2: Pointers from lifelong learners

After watching the 7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learners tutorial, I think in a lot of ways that is how I naturally approach learning.

The easiest habit for me - Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner.
This comes from having had to learn a LOT of stuff during my 9 and a bit years at Central TAFE.
I am just old enough that computing was not something I learned at school, so I pretty much had to pick everything up on-the-job. And quickly too.

The hardest habit - Habit 3: View problems as challenges. Unfortunately I tend to view problems as annoying! It is only after I've actually solved a problem that I can feel good about it, and feel like I've learned something from it.

Week 1, Thing 1: About the program

Well I have read the first blog entry and am ready to participate!
I think this will end up being a fun way to learn new stuff.
I will have to take some time out from cataloguing (GASP!) and get this done.